Does waxing cause sagging?

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Does waxing cause sagging?

Find out what causes sagging and how to avoid it

Does waxing cause sagging? Is a frequent question we receive.

It is very common to hear several undue statements that involve waxing and one of them is about the sagging of the skin.

From now on, we must say that the answer is no.

Despite the widespread idea that hot or cold wax when applied to sensitive areas and thin skin ends up leaving these flaccid areas.

Despite the fact that there is friction caused in the removal of the wax when it is pulled, this is applied only to the superficial layer of the skin and the impact does not influence the inner layer where the processes take place that lead to sagging.

So what causes sagging?

Flaccidity is a natural process caused by aging, in which collagen and elastin fibers, that are responsible for maintaining skin firmness, weaken.

But this process, although natural, can be influenced by some factors and bad habits. Such as skin dehydration, excessive sun exposure mainly without sunscreen and mainly inadequate nutrition and smoking.

What to do to avoid sagging?

Now let’s talk about what can be done to combat sagging, first there must be a significant change in habits for results to be obtained.

Quit smoking if you smoke, drink a lot more water, engage in physical exercises that help to tone the body and gradually replace body fat by muscles.

Second, a diet rich in protein and collagen must be part of the your diet, and it is also important to try to keep your weight stable.

Since the “accordion effect” caused by weight gain and loss make the skin more flaccid.

And finally, a good option for follow-up after changing habits are modeling massages and aesthetic procedures that revitalize firmness of the skin.

In addition to creams and supplements that can help in this process.

But remember that a doctor should be consulted so that product indications match with your goal, lifestyle and body type.

Even safer hair removal

For those of you who take care of your skin to the fullest and are still afraid to get into waxing, some tips are: find qualified professionals who know what they are doing, so you don’t risk getting injured.

In addition to making sure the location you choose is clean and uses ingredients and quality wax products and in no case should it be reused, as there is the risk of infection because the skin is exposed and sensitive.

Finally, after each session, it is essential to use sunscreen even indoors because even the UVA and UVB rays from lamps can be harmful. Also, the intervals between the hair removal sessions must be followed so that the skin is not too sensitive.

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