Waxing: How to avoid blemishes and take care of your skin after hair removal.

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Depilation The procedure performed with wax has the characteristic of removing the hair from the body completely, from the root, making them take longer to grow, however, it is not definitive and needs some regularity folliculitis and redness

What are blemishes that can show up on the skin after waxing?

It is very common for people to have folliculitis after waxing. Follicle and redness is not superficial, so when the hair is removed from the root, the new hair needs to make, there are two causes for the problem

– People who have thick hair go through situations where the hair curls. This curling of the hair prevents it from finding an exit hole in the skin, and ends up getting stuck;

– The other type of folliculitis happens because, with frequent waxing, the hair tends to become thinner and not strong enough or rigid enough to cross the skin and pass through the external surface. So, the hair often makes it to the top, but finds a dehydrated, stiffened wall. Soon, it has trouble getting through and the hair is held back.

How to get rid of folliculitis and redness?

The most practical and efficient way to get rid of these little pesky hairs is to exfoliate your legs before waxing them. And right after this process, which an be done in the shower, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing lotion and leave your beautiful legs under hot water for at least 5 minutes. This will cause the pores to open up, and you can then calmly shave and say goodbye to those inconvenient bumps and blemishes.

If you are looking to get your hair removed today and haven’t had time to buy a good exfoliant, it is not very difficult to make a homemade version: just mix a little sugar with some good- smelling moisturizer and store it in a well-capped container – that will ensure ants can’t get in it.

After removing the hair, use a relaxing lotion – one of those sweet smelling lotions that we buy so that your legs are well rested, usually those with aloe vera, rose extract or chamomile usually work very well. Some brands have specific post waxing products, and in this case it’s worth doing some research.

Opting for methods that completely remove the hair – from its roots – is a good idea for girls with tendency to break out in bumps. In this case, we have waxing that makes the skin smooth, as the hairs are removed from the root, they are not as coarse as the hairs are when you choose different hair removal methods.



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