Painless Hair Removal: Myth or Truth?

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Painless Hair Removal

Wax without pain?

Painless hair removal is possible? There is no right answer to this question. After all, each body is unique, and reacts to stumble in different ways. In other words, the pain during the hair removal procedure will depend on the level of sensitivity of each person’s skin.

Therefore, if you are a person who has sensitive skin, then you will hardly be able to undergo a painless waxing session, at least not completely. However, this is not to say that it is not possible to minimize the discomfort.

Wax Without Pain

We put together a list of the main aspects that can influence the level of pain during hair removal:

1. Type of skin;

2. Hair thickness;

3. Area to be waxed;

4. Skin hydration;

5. Hair removal method and technique applied during the session.

Each of these variables are important in influencing the level of pain you may experience with waxing. Some of them cannot be changed much, such as your skin type or hair thickness, but others can be taken care of so that the pain is minimized.

Tips for Having a Less Painful Waxing Session

If you are looking for a less painful wax session, it is important to follow some precautions in order to facilitate hair removal, prevent folliculitis, and consequently, minimize the discomfort.

Here are some simple measurements that you can take:

 ➡ Exfoliate the Skin

Wax Without Pain

Exfoliating will promote skin cell renewal, eliminating dead cells, and with that, thin the most superficial layer of the skin. This practice helps to make the skin softer, providing a more effective and less aggressive wax session.

So, we recommend that the exfoliation be done about two days before the procedure. Also, try adding the practice into your care routine, exfoliate every other day and in no time you will have renewed and much more beautiful skin.

Learn 4 ways to make natural exfoliating at home clicking here.

Keep Your Skin Hydrate

Painless Hair Removal

Dry skin will suffer much more from hair removal procedures. So if you dream of a less painful wax session, you need to keep your skin well hydrated.

In addition to using topical creams, you should also not forget to moisturize your skin from the inside out. Try to drink plenty of water and have a balanced diet, and see the big difference this will make on your skin, leaving it more beautiful and bright.

Get Waxed Frequently


If you are looking for a less painful wax session, or with as little hassle as possible, we recommend that you do it frequently. This is because, as you continue with the sessions, the pain becomes less intense.

The reason for this is because at first the hairs will still be thick, which makes hair removal more difficult, making it more aggressive. However, as you continue with the sessions, the hairs become thinner and so the pain intensity will be minimized.

Seasoned Professional Choices

Painless Hair Removal

This is one of the most important points in the quest for painless hair removal. The product and the technique used in the procedure can minimize or intensify the discomfort

There are already products on the market that were produced specifically with the aim of facilitating hair removal and reducing pain.

At Rio Body Wax, we developed a method and we have the authentic Brazilian Wax, exclusively for use in our locations. Our wax is unique, as we believe it is not enough to add honey and other natural spices, it is necessary to know the right point of elasticity and the correct texture.

The wax is kept at an ideal temperature for the skin and is removed using a totally unique technique.

Therefore, we guarantee a faster method, with less pain and more comfort for your waxing session.

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