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Did you know that facial hair removal was one of the main beauty tricks of actress Marilyn Monroe, considered one of the most beautiful women of all time? The removal of unwanted hair on the face leaves the skin smoother, softer and provides a more even makeup.

But despite being quite popular around the world, facial hair removal is still surrounded by some doubts. Check out and take note of the tips on the facial hair removal that will make your face even more beautiful.

One more thing: you can’t be ashamed to say you remove hairs off your face, right? Despite so many taboos that have been broken, some even more controversial, facial hair removal for women still brings certain restraints.

This is because, men are usually the ones that grow facial hair, and the sound of a woman needing to remove facial hair could make her sound less feminine, which is not true.

See below how you can get your face waxed – men and women – without having any problems in the future and having your skin the way you want it!

How to prepare for a wax?

Even before the wax, it is necessary to start the treatment with a good cleansing of the skin: remove the makeup and wipe off the sweat with mild soap and water or saline solution.

It is also possible to use a toner to make the pH of the area more balanced. If cleansing is done with micellar water, you can skip this step. At the end of the procedure, dry the area well with a towel, to keep the skin very dry.

Then comes the most important part: choosing the right method. One of the most most, warm wax is ideal for those looking for a lasting effect. However, you must be careful, as if it is too hot, it can cause burns and irritation. Therefore, at Rio Body Wax, the wax comes at the right temperature, providing comfort for your session with us.

What kind of care should you have after a facial wax?

You also need extra protection from the sun. Sunscreen is your best friend! Use it and abuse it, not only after the session, but always! Lastly, the combination of acid treatments and waxing is not recommended at all. An interval of at least one week before and after hair removal will be necessary to avoid irritation.

To calm the skin, a good option is to use moisturizers and products that have aloe vera or chamomile. And it’s not just worth using sun protection – something of extreme importance – but also to avoid the sun as much as possible. The less you leave the house, the better, especially if you live in a very hot region.

Does exfoliation help prevent ingrown hairs on the face?

TRUTH. Hairs turn ingrown because, during their growth, they cannot break the skin barrier, becoming curled and causing folliculitis. Gently exfoliating the skin with a suitable products helps to thin it, facilitating hair growth. But be careful: avoid exfoliating on the same day as your wax, as this can make your skin more sensitive. The ideal is to perform a gentle exfoliation at least 48 hours before waxing.

Can I wear makeup right after waxing my upper lip?

MYTH. After waxing, the skin on the face becomes more sensitive. Wearing makeup right away can cause irritation, folliculitis, and even blemishes. Avoid using moisturizing products and other scented or alcohol containing products for at least 24 hours after your wax. And before waxing, remember to wash your face very well with a suitable soap, removing impurities and leftover creams and makeup.

When should we avoid this method of hair removal?

This is a recommendation not only for facial hair removal, but also for all parts of the body. On the days we are on our cycle and even a few days before, we are more sensitive to pain. Therefore, the procedure can cause more discomfort than usual, especially if it is on the face.

When the skin in inflamed

If the skin on your face is redder than usual, it could be because of an inflammation process. There are several causes for this problem: dermatitis, use of some products such as cosmetics and others that may contain substances that cause allergies or that are out of date.

When there is intense acne

There are some periods of time when the development of acne is more intense than others. The problem is that waxing an area with acne can cause serious inflammatory problems and even cause an infection in the area. In addition to the actual process of waxing, the wax can contain substances that harm the situation.

During the summer

Are you planning on making waxing a consist thing? The best time to start is during the winter, especially if you want to wax your facial hair. But you can’t go all summer without waxing your lip or eyebrows either, can you? The way to go is to use a lot of sunscreen and physical protection, like hats and caps.

Put these tips to work in your daily life and guarantee that delicate and smooth skin you deserve. And remember: when it comes to facial hair removal, you can’t ever be too careful. Always look for a specialized professional.

To clarify your doubts, just look for a Rio Body Wax professional or leave your comment on the blog.

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