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Let’s put it simply! A vajacial is a facial for your vagina. You read that right! A vajacial is performed on the hair bearing areas of your vagina, focusing on the bikini line, pubic mound and outer labia. It exfoliates dead skin, cleans out pores and kills bacteria, all while reintroducing moisture back into the skin. It prevents acne, and helps maintain the skin healthy and hydrated. It helps combat skin discoloration, or hyperpigmentation, and scaring. It consists of a series of skin care techniques that include a cleanse, an exfoliation, a steam, extractions, a mask, and serums. 

Keep in mind a vajacial can only be performed on bare skin, where the hair has been removed. Men can get vajacials too, the same process described above can be performed on areas where pubic hair has been removed. A vajacial is recommended every 2 or 3 months for better results. The process takes about 45 minutes. 

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