Hydrojelly Mask x Vajacial

novembro 22nd, 2021 @ Sem categoria

The hydro jelly mask and the vajacial are two of the most requested services among women, because of how quick it is, for the practicality and durability. However, both services entail different things and require special care.

Hydrojelly Mask

The hydro jelly mask is a must! It helps calm and soothe the skin, eliminating nervous tension and redness, eliminates pain, disinfects the area as it is a natural antimicrobial, not to mention it brightens the skin. The process takes about 15 minutes, but the benefits are long lasting! For even better and continuous results, the hydro jelly mask is recommended monthly after a wax.


Let’s simplify! A vajacial is like a facial treatment, but for your private area. You read that right! The vajacial is a 45 minute service, performed where the pubic hair grows, focusing on the bikini line, the top, and the outer labia. It exfoliates the dead skin, cleans the pores and kills the bacteria, at the same time as it reintroduces the hydration of the skin. It prevents acne and helps maintain the skin healthy and hydrated. The vajacial helps fight off skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation and scars. It consists of a series of skin care techniques that includes cleansing, exfoliating, steam, extractions, masks, and serums. Remember that the vajacial can only be performed on the naked skin, where hair has been removed.

Men can also get vajacials, and the process is the same as the one described above, and can only be performed in a hairless area. A vajacial is recommended once every 2 to 3 months for better results.

Waxing is the most suitable and safe method for those who want a smoother and softer intimate area.

More than just a quality depilatory wax, we care for quality professionals. Therefore, we have a team of epilators trained to handle our product safely. In this way, we guarantee a hassle-free service during application and removal. Schedule your appointment today!



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