What is the ideal hair length for waxing?

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What is the ideal hair length for waxing?

It is important to know what is the ideal hair length for waxing in order to have satisfactory results with the procedure. In addition, when the hair is not yet the proper length, the client is likely to experience greater inconvenience during the session.

Then on the following blog, we will indicate the right length for waxing, in addition to giving tips on how to make the procedure more comfortable and satisfying. Read on and stay on the know!

So ideally, the hair should be between 5 and 7 millimeters, that is, about half an inch.

This minimum length is important so that the wax can adhere to the hair and pull out more easily. When the hair is too short, it will probably be necessary to apply the wax more often to the area, which can cause greater discomfort for the client.

The best thing is for the client to wait about 4 to 6 weeks to perform a new waxing. However, when resorted to method that remove the hair only superficially, such as razor or depilatory creams, this period is reduced to about 5 days.

How long does waxing last?

How long does waxing last?

Waxing is hair removal method that removes hairs by its root. For this reason, it will weaken the hair and prolong the growth process.

The duration of waxing will depend a lot on how each body will react to the procedure. That is, depending on how your metabolism works, waxing can last more or less time.

In general, for most women, hair removal results can last up to 35 days.

Does waxing make hair grow less?

Does waxing make hair grow less?

The need for hair removal becomes more and more spaced as you continue with the treatment. This happens because the removal of the hair with the wax destroys the hair roots. That is why it is important to know what is the ideal hair length for waxing.

Therefore, when removing the hairs by the root, it can be said that with the proper frequency of treatment, they will grow thinner and less visible, delaying their growth.

Exclusive wax from Rio Body Wax

Exclusive wax from Rio Body Wax

We felt the need to create a well-prepared product that was good for the health of our customer’s skin, so we developed the Rio Body Wax exclusive Wax.

Softer, more emollient and able to be applied over a wider area without causing additional pain. That is our guarantee.

That way, our wax is unique in the segment. That’s because adding honey and other natural spices that are included in the formula, isn’t the only priority, it is also important to know the right point of elasticity and the correct texture. In addition, it is also necessary to get the color right to make sure the client knows there will be no complications in their hair removal process.

So more than just quality wax, we care for quality professionals. Therefore, we have a team of estheticians trained to handle our product safely. That way, we can guarantee a hassle-free service during the application and the removal. Find out how to avoid blemishes and take care of your skin after waxing here.

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