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Imagine getting rid of your leg hairs from 30 days or more — it is totally possible with RBW Full Legs Wax. This procedure is responsible for eliminating hairs from the root, giving you a smoother and glowly skin.

Leg hair removal? We can do it for you! Perfect for the upper or lower half of the legs, those hairs are removed with a muslin strip. Discomfort is minimal and quick, as the process only takes about 15 minutes. 

An ideal combo as it should be, the Full Arms Waxing includes upper and lower arms, hands and fingers. Quick, easy and long lasting — this treatment is ideal for anybody. 

Opened for the area of your choice, the Half Arm Wax removes the hairs either on the upper or lower half of the arm. It takes about 20 minutes and delivers results that can last 4 weeks or longer!

Say goodbye to those hairs that insist on showing up with your swimsuit! The bikini wax usually removes some off the top and some off the sides of your private area. It takes approximately 20 minutes and lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.

Hair on your lower back? No more! The Lower Back Wax uses soft wax to remove any unwanted hair with a muslin strip. It takes approximately 5 minutes and lasts about 4 week or more!

Get it out of your shoulders! Removed with soft wax and a muslin strip, the entire process takes out the unwanted hair of your shoulder in approximately 20 minutes. 

Your back of the neck smoother and softer than ever! A combination of soft and hard wax is used to ensure better results and lasts about 3 – 4 weeks.

Knuckles and hand, toes and feet — both of this duo can be rid of unwanted hair for about 4 weeks in a procedure that takes only 10 minutes.

Most popular method of underarm hair removal, it is a safe choice and provides nothing but healthy results for the skin. The process takes about 10 minutes and lasts about 15-20 days.

Do you struggle with the unappealing growth of sideburn hair and are tempted to shave? Wax them instead! The process takes about 5 minutes as one strip on each side should be enough to make your skin smoother, softer, and free of hair. 

Unwanted hairs on your stomach? No more! The Stomach Waxing is made with soft wax applied evenly on the skin and removed with a muslin strip. The process takes about 15 minutes and lasts about 4 weeks.

Perfect for the ones that have a high volume of hair on the upper front area, the chest waxing reduces hair growth, making them eventually thinner and softer.

The most wanted combo is here! An special service package of RBW includes: full legs, brazilian, upper lip and underarm waxes. All this process takes approximately 45 minutes.


It’s time to keep your skin care on track with less irritation caused by razors and depilatory creams! Ideal to target a large amount of hair at once, the Full Face Wax was made for you. Accomplished with powerful antioxidants and moisturizers, our wax prevents unnecessary damage during the session. 

A trimmed eyebrow doesn’t need to be painful at all. Designed as the ideal format for your face, our Eyebrow Design gives you a perfect look painless & quicker than ever.

Conquer fuller brows shouldn’t be so complicated! At RBW you can enhance your facial beauty by applying a semi-permanent tint that shape and define your brows during a month.

The make up time can be an easier task after a proper Upper Lip Waxing! A smooth and hairless skin can provide you with a better skin care treatment and a boost of confidence. Important to remember: let your esthetician know if you are taking any medication that could possibly thin out your skin.

Get rid of the hairs jumping out of your nose! Made with hard wax, it removes everything inside your nose all at once. It is a safe process and with minimum discomfort.

Sensitive and delicate, ears are an important area to keep in track. Choosing waxing as the treatment to remove the hairs, you can be free of them around 6 weeks or more. 

Quick and practical method, the Chin Waxing removes the hair from the root. At RBW, we focus on the hard wax, which is gentler on the skin and ideal for this type of service.

Self care

Sugaring is a hair removal method that uses a special paste made entirely of sugar, lime juice and water — mostly recommended for customers with thinner hairs and slow hair growth. 

The High Frequency treatment is perfect to prevent ingrown hairs and to increase blood circulation in the areas where it is applied. Stimulating the collagen production, it is also perfect for an anti-aging process and brightening the area.

Imagine a facial treatment, but in your intimate area — that’s the vajacial! Focused on the areas where the pubic hair grows, it exfoliates the dead skin, cleans your pores and hydrates. But pay attention: it can only be applied on naked skin.

The cocoa wax is made of all natural ingredients, turning into a product with emollient and nourishing properties. It calms the skin, help avoid redness and it’s perfect for those one that are searching for a less painful experience.

The hydrojelly mask is a must! It calms and soothes the skin, eliminates nervous tension and redness and it is a natural antimicrobial. Recommended monthly after a wax, it only takes 15 minutes to have the results and benefits that last longer.

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