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A smooth skin is our goal! 

There’s nothing more pleasing than feeling your skin soft and healthy with no more than a self care treatment, right?

At Rio Body Wax this is more than possible! Our professionals are carefully chosen to be part of the RBW team & have the skill that really matters: passion to take care of each client in a personalized way. 

During all of our appointments, we use the authentic Brazilian technique and organic wax that come right from South America just for you. 

It’s time to find a RBW center near you!

Brazillian Wax

$ 45
  • A completely nude look
Most wanted

Hydrojelly Mask

$ 20
  • Leaves skin renewed
Most wanted

Bikini Line

$ 35
  • A basic tidying
Most wanted

Why should you have a waxing?

We know your first thought about waxing quickly goes to how painful it is, right? Don’t worry, we will make this feeling go away!

As you probably know, waxing is a hair removal technique that has existed for many years & it’s suitable for women and men.

The most amazing fact about this treatment is how quick and healthy a waxing can be.  It lasts longer than shaving and improves your body skin, making it more smooth, soft & healthy for almost 4 weeks!

It can also give you a less and finer regrowth of your body hair, exfoliate your skin and prevent the most uncomfortable inconveniences of shaving: ingrown hairs and itching skin. 

Any doubt you should schedule your waxing session right now?

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