Get to know the risks razors can cause for your skin

Shaving with a razor is much more practical, cheaper, painless and faster than any other hair removal method, but have you ever stopped to think about the dangers of using a razor to shave?

Your skin suffers numerous damage from the blade:

Extreme care is required for razor hair removal, from skin preparation to choosing the ideal tool. However, even these precautions do not completely eliminate the risks that this form of hair removal brings to the skin.

The most common effects of using the razor are dryness, stains and ingrown hairs, because although it is great for emergency situations because it is practical and fast when used constantly, it attacks the skin and causes lesions that cannot heal due to almost daily use.

After all, the blade does not remove the hair from the root, which makes it grow faster and you need to use the blade often. Since in a few days the hair will have grown back.

In addition, excess shaving and the friction caused end up darkening the area over time.

And when there is constant damage to the skin caused by the use of the blade, allergies and irritations occur that can lead to the development of permanent scars. In addition to the discomfort, due to the constant inflammation in the area.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the risks of shaving with a razor also involve hygiene. Since several factors must be taken into account, such as the limited use of times the blade must be used, the storage location and the risk of contracting bacteria or diseases from the blade.

With all these factors, other longer lasting and safer hair removal methods like waxing should be taken into consideration.

Because waxing, when done by trained professionals and in a prepared space like Rio Body Wax. You have all the safety and hygiene in your service.

And the results last for weeks avoiding constant aggression to the skin. Not to mention the preparation and care so that the skin suffers minimal damage and you get the best possible look for your skin and perfect results.

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