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We have gathered in this blog what the advantages and benefits of waxing so that you can stick to this method once and for all, being able to be hair free while taking care of your skin.

You’ve probably heard or read about some advantages of waxing, but for you to know once and for all why you should leave the razor and depilatory creams behind. We’ve gathered the main advantages that make waxing the best choice.


Advantages of waxing:

  • Hair takes longer to grow: That’s right, by pulling out the hair from the root, this method of hair removal makes the hair take much longer to grow back. Taking on average 5x longer to grow than when using razors or depilatory creams.

  • Hair grows thinner and less: Because they are pulled from the root, it takes longer to recover or even ends up being destroyed, this causes the hair to come out more and more sparse and thinner. But this process occurs when waxing is the only form of hair removal adopted, as its consistency is responsible for this effect. And when done correctly, the need for sessions decreases more and more

  • The skin becomes smoother: When we use razors to remove hair, the tendency is for the skin to become increasingly rough, both because of the aggression to the skin and because the hair is not completely removed. Depilatory creams on the other hand, despite leaving the skin not so rough, do not remove the hair completely and irritations are very constant. However, with wax, the skin is left with a smooth and soft touch, delicate skin without irritations or hairs that cause discomfort and itching, especially during growth. The best choice to have beautiful legs for much longer, without discomfort and irritation, therefore, is wax.

  • Exfoliation combined with hair removal: Waxing is also an exfoliant, because the wax, when stuck to the hair, also adheres to dead skin cells and when removed, it removes this layer along with the hair. Thus, the hairs are removed along with the unwanted layer of dead cells, without harming the skin and on top of that it makes the products used in your daily care more effective and your skin becomes even healthier.

  • The risk of blemishes is minimal: When done in the right way by a qualified professional and with the proper wax, the risk of your skin developing blemishes is practically nil. That’s because your skin suffers little aggression when compared to other hair removal methods and with the right wax for you. Irritations and post session complications are minimal.


In addition, the professional makes all the recommendations of the products and procedures that must be done before and after your session.

Did you already know about all these advantages? Waxing can be an ally to make your routine easier. Find our nearest location and schedule an appointment by clicking here.

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